Spring Yoga Wear

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If getting dressed for yoga may seem like an after-thought, that isn’t the case! The outfit we wear during a yogo workout is important in terms of it needs to suit the exercise and also express who we are.

Can you believe that nearly 1 million people practice a form of yoga in the UK and between 70%-80% of the practitioners are women.

Regardless of the shape of the women who wears it, the perfect yoga outfit will be quite similar for all: comfortable, breathable and adapted to each person’s style.

There are many yoga tops tailored for sports and perfect for yoga. It must be close-fitting but not too much so that you can still breathe freely. Choosing a racerback tank to prevent the straps from falling. The important thing is that you feel comfortable and that you can do any sequence without feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed.

The leggings that you put on when hanging out at home or to wear under a dress are undoubtedly transparent… especially" when you get hot and perspire.  I think we've all seen the videos of people in Walmart wearing "invisible" leggings.  So it's essential that you choose to buy yoga leggings and yoga capri pants that are made of breathable specially created fabrics.  LouMae designer yoga wear racer back top capri cut leggings

At Lou-Mae we design exclusive fabrics for our yoga wear but the basic construction is the same and the quality is excellent.

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